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Natto Don


Ten Don


Ten Don, otherwise known as “Tempura Bowl” has a crisp assortment of prawn and vegetable tempura laid over a bed of rice, covered in a delicious light dressing (Tare) which is made from dashi-stock, mirin, soy sauce and sugar.

Can be served without prawns and more vegetable tempura for those veggie lovers.

Tofu Teriyaki Don


Six pieces of tofu (soybean curd) are basted with a sauce made of shoyu and sugar then lightly grilled and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. A tasty and healthy dish for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Vegetable Tempura Don


A Japanese dish of assorted lightly battered and deep fried vegetables on top of a bed of rice.

Fun Fact: This popular dish was introduced to Japan by Portuguese missionaries particularly active in the city of Nagasaki also founded by the Portuguese, during the sixteenth century (1549).

Shiitake Don


For those who like the umami-filled flavour of Shiitake mushrooms, this don is for you! Shiitake-Don, is rice cooked with a medley of assorted shiitake and enoki mushrooms simmered in Donburi sauce with egg, onions and celery. Mix in stone parsley (mitsuba) and ginger for a unique twist to this simple yet flavourful dish.


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