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Hi fellow Donburi-ers, this is Donnie Donburi with my review of a restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto. The name is Gyugyuya and its specialty is curry and the gyuudon!

The interior uses a warm theme with yellow walls and seating that accommodates around 30 people. It has the feel of a quick serve restaurant, though, they have an ample amount of servers who are friendly and efficient.

The kitchen is barely visible from the outside, however, it does look clean and the staff greets you in the usual customary Japanese manner.

Dishes that can be ordered range from mainstay Japanese appetizers such as edamame and gyoza, to the main courses that include dons such as gyudon, katsudon, and the popular curry chicken katsu don. I decided to give the curry chicken katsu don a try with an onsen egg (spring poached egg) on the side to accompany my main. I also decided to order a karaage (fried chicken) appetizer since I was really hungry from walking all over the downtown core!

Dishes came in metal plates and the utensil that was given to me was a spork, a cross between a spoon and a fork! It is very similar to some Japanese chains and the cutlery and dinnerware that they provide.

With all dishes they serve miso soup, which is a little on the bland side. It had little bits of tofu but not a deep miso taste. By the time I finished the soup, the karaage had arrived.

For the price, the amount of karaage seemed just about right. The taste was nothing too extraordinary, with the chicken not enough on the crispy side. The spices they used leaned more on the ginger side, which is not a bad thing, but I think the taste could have been more developed.

Next came the main attraction, the chicken katsu curry don. The chicken katsu (chicken cutlet) was actually pretty tasty! Had a crispy texture on the outside and it was tender on the inside. The amount of rice served seemed good too, since I’m a pretty small fella so I wouldn’t be able to pack in so much! The only point I would bring up would be the curry itself. It tasted more like a rich beef stew than a curry sauce. I would have liked slightly more heat in my curry and a richer curry taste but otherwise for portion value and the chicken katsu, it was a really decent dish.

If you are in the downtown core and feel like a rice dish that doubles as comfort food, and want something reasonably quick, priced ok, and convenient, stop by Gyugyuya for a meal! Be sure to check in to my Facebook page from time to time to see where my next pit stop is going to be, and come visit Donburi for a meal that never disappoints!

Address: 177 Dundas Street West, Toronto Ontario
Phone: 416-546-5629


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