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This is Donnie Donburi. I went to the Toronto downtown and travelled on Queen Street to a nice ramen shop called Touhenboku Ramen. They have an open kitchen at the back where I can see a ramen making machine and where all the kitchen action is happening. The kitchen is also very clean.

The décor was modern and contemporary with dark stone wall and faux wood accents. There is comfortable leather sofa seating all along the right wall. Even though the restaurant is small (seats around 35-40), it doesn’t feel overly stuffy and crowded. Jazz music was playing inside making the ambience soothing, but I did go during non-rush, so I’m not too sure how busy and loud it’ll get during the rush.

Touhenboku was advertising a limited miso ramen that only 20 were being served per day. Since the trek from Donburi was a little long, the advertisement worked on me and I had to get it haha. I chose the chicken chasu white miso base with thin noodle ($12.00). To add on top, I also ordered mille crepe ($5.50) and the premium tea ($1.50).

The server was very polite and also spoke fluent English. When I asked them about some menu items, the server explained it to me very promptly and understandably.

Here are my thoughts on the food.

Chicken chasu ramen: The ramen had thin slices of chicken, a soft boiled soya egg, nori on the side, scallions and cooked bean sprouts. The thin ramen was cooked just enough so it wasn’t soft nor hard. The broth was thick with nutty flavours. Unfortunately, I like my broth a bit more thin than what Touhenboku serves as the broth made my tongue sticky. So it does promote some drinking hehe. Chicken was moist and flaky but I would have liked the chicken to hard more of a grilled flavor. The egg was hard boiled when I expected the yolk to be runny and the marinade didn’t quite reach all the way through. Surprisingly the more I ate, the more a lingering heat came out, which was a pleasant touch. Overall, the ramen had good flavours, since I’m not a picky eater. I looked at my neighbours ramen and she chose the thicker kind of ramen that I thought would actually have been more suitable for the ramen experience.

Mille crepe: Simple house made whip cream on top was light and not so sweet. The crepe had a sugar glaze on top and vanilla cake base on the bottom. A bite into this delectable dessert brought forth tasty cream layers. I can feel layers separating in my mouth. I have to take a guess that cutting this cake requires a lot of skill so that the layers don’t separate when you cut the cake. It was a nice cake.

Premium Tea: I have to really commend the green tea because it was actually a very good tea with vanilla and floral accents. Perfect for accompanying your ramen. I could actually drink this tea everyday. The aroma it gives off is very addicting and shows a lot of thought for “tea” in a ramen shop.

Overall, I had a nice experience at the restaurant and if anyone wants to get their ramen fix near Queen St. entertainment district, they can consider Touhenboku Ramen as a destination.

Address: 261 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario
Phone: 416-596-8080


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