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This is Donnie Donburi. I was in the area called Scarborough during the late afternoon and decided to drop by a restaurant for a quick bite. The restaurant does not have an English name by the way but a direct translation would probably be “Cousins (brother or male gender) Café Restaurant”. Cousins Cafe is a Hong Kong style cafe that serves rice, noodles, congee, and breakfast items. Cash only by the way, so please remember to bring some when you come.

Cousins brings you to a comfortable environment. Lighting was dim but you should be able to see the menus, food, and the company you are with. There are hanging ivy from the ceiling, planters dotted along the floor and faux Van Goghs gracing the walls. The noise level is low as there is no music playing in the background and probably because I was the only table there at the time.

The server was polite and brought tea immediately upon seating. Throughout service, the servers will bring you what you need and only when called upon but are less inclined to create any small talk and will generally keep to themselves. My milk tea came after I paid the bill because they forgot it.

I ordered the following, and yeah, I was hungry haha.

Chinese complimentary soup: A nice touch was the addition of a piece of carrot and radish, but soup was very standard.

Borsch complimentary soup: A little on the sour side and the vegetables were cold.

Pork ribs and bitter melon with black bean sauce and rice ($7.50): The bitter melon was not too bitter and was cooked to right level of softness. I like how they separated the dish from the rice. The rice itself was on the softer side and may have too much water placed during the cooking process. The pork ribs were cooked long enough to be tender yet chewy enough to still catch the essence of good Chinese style pork ribs; in addition, there was good meat to bone proportion. This was a very well made dish.

Lemon grass porkchop with rice ($7.95): There were hints of lemongrass on the pork chop unfortunately the pork itself did not taste like pork and the texture was hard. The rice was mushy soft for this meal.

Pan-fried chicken on spaghetti dinner set ($10.95): The spaghetti was cooked on the softer side, but that was expected since the clientele Cousins has prefer to have softer pasta; as for me I like my pasta more al dente. The chicken was cooked thoroughly unfortunately the gravy it came with was on the saltier side.

Portion sizes for all of the dishes were big.

They have lunch specials from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm that comes with soup and drink. Prices for the special range from 6.95 to 7.95. I say this is a draw if you want to eat food quickly at very reasonable prices.

So if you are in the area and would like cheap food and quick service, come on over to Cousins Café Restaurant.

Address: 8 Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, ON


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